Defining the Plus Size Woman

Dress to Flatter Your Shape

Statuesque women - the plus-size goddesses,

had fashion issues throughout the ages

Plus-size statuesque women through the ages have been revered. Though today you can't just drape your body in loose cloth like the plus size goddesses we have here. Privately acknowledging your own shape will help you buy the right clothes to flatter your figure. General fashion trends can be helpful or hurtful in plus size women's clothing, depending on what is being offered in the current season. So let's talk about flattering the plus-size woman with clothing that accentuates the positive, fits right and makes you feel good! We're going to diffuse our figure flaws as much as possible. Then, let's find the stores that offer those clothes to make you one of the great women of our time!

" Statuesque" is defined as having the beauty or formal dignity of a statue. Casually today, a statuesque woman is one who wears at least a size 14, and has little to do with statues- except that you can easily see that some of the Greek and Roman goddesses appear to be plus-size goddesses with apple, pear, banana and full hourglass shapes. Today the statuesque lady is a plus-size woman!

The shape of a goddess!
My guess is that this Venus looks at least a size 14 making her a full hourglass figure as her bones seem fully padded, but proportional. Hera here appears to be a big woman with strong shoulders and a more banana shape camouflaged in many draped layers of clothing giving her a massive, unflattering look. It appears that many of these ladies would be stepping on their garments as they walked - so the problem of getting clothes in the right length seems ages old. Kleo's added hip wrap only accentuates her pear shape - and someone should have told her. Demeter and many more ancient goddesses were depicted as apple-shaped, with a round, prominent tummy usually signifying fertility.

The shape of women's fashion: Define your body shape and then we can work together to find the right styles for you.

A full hourglass figure is at least size 14, with a defined waist about 9 or 10 inches smaller than the chest and hips.


The banana has no definition in the middle. Don't try to squeeze into hourglass styled clothes or tight waisted dresses as they may push-up and give you an excessive midriff bulge look. The second tip is to buy pants that fit at the waist even if they are a little larger in the hip, they will flatter you by giving you a more feminine shape. Low rise jeans with a long loose shirt (you know, with buttons) tucked in (not tee), can flatter you and have people guessing about your figure. My mother used to call this "the board" with undefined breasts, waist and hips. Bananas can be slim or heavy-set but still share the same problems.

I'm am apple figure woman. My waist may measure the same as my hips, because my tummy is prominent. For my partners in this shape, loose fitting, or empire waist tops and dresses, and longer jackets will draw attention away form your middle. Pleated front pants and cropped pants (alias clam diggers or high-water pants) should never enter your closet as they do not flatter plus size women --they actually make you look heavier and who needs that! Bypass this fashion trend for something more flattering.

Gravity seems to have put all the weight in the bottom, hips or upper thighs. The belt with full skirt will flatter you most. Instead of pants, the broomstick skirts ought to be your first choice for all your casual-wear. Pleated front pants and cropped pants should never enter your closet - see the note above. Crop tops and short jackets will accenutate your bottom. Choose clothes that accent your top. We have a complete pants fashion workshop for you!

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Our Shape Names
Some places name shapes geometrically - rectangles, triangles, etc. I think that's very impersonal and cold. Our names reflect our delicious forms and classic tradition.


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Take a look at how style and color can change your shape!
Every shape has its own issues. Choosing the right style for your shape can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. See examples in our fashion workshops that make a difference in how you look:

Color tips and clothing style tips for the plus size pear shaped lady -jeans, pants and tops that are right for you.


Color Coordinating and Fashion Trends for certain shapes

Want to look better just by wearing the right color combinations?
Need help pulling together the right colors for your outfits?
Want to find out which clothing colors are in bloom this season?
Look at our Women's Fashion Color help.

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That's not all!
As more issues become evident, I will continually expand the site with the dual objectives of helping us all look better and hoping the women's clothing designers and manufacturers begin to act on our issues.

Here's what's coming: Fashion dictionary - such as what are "gathers"? Plus size fashion chat and a page to show you how color combinations and the cut of your clothes change how you look to others are all in the works!

Recently added: what's the difference between a "ballet neck" and a "boat neck"?

June 5


Hard-to-find Clothes in larger sizes:

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Plus size Maternity Clothes
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About Plus Size Belts
Sure some ladies think you're not quite dressed without a belt, while others wear tops un tucked for a more casual look. Full hourglass figures can wear a belt, but our apples and pears shouldn't want to accent the middle.

If you are an apple or pear and can't live without a belt, get a thinnish belt to match your pants color - even jeans. It will give you the polished look you want without drawing attention to what you'd prefer not to emphasize. Also, if its too tight, it will magnify your size!





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