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We can look great whatever our shape or size.

We are great women!

Clothing standards and size Issues
Since misses and women's clothes size standards are vague and not at all universal, the plus-size size charts on page 1 and 2, coupled with evaluations based on experience are key in determining exactly what size will best fit you from any particular clothier. We have full-figured fashion tips and plus-size women's issues too. Check our "Off the hanger" left section on each page.

One reason clothes you buy may not fit the way you think they should, is that you may be buying the same size from different manufacturers, but the shop or manufacturer's measurements for average and large size womens clothing may differ from one to another. The easy comparison size charts should help you get better fitting clothes. Size 1X is not universal, neither is any other size. Read more on clothes sizing standards and new sizing.

Here we offer several pages of size charts with comments on sizing, style and fit for plus size clothing collections.

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NEW FOR 2011

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Plus size Clothing Sources, Reviews and Sizing

shopPoetry, Poetryfashion
- Clothes from England (UK) via Florida without added duty charges*
- Women's clothing sizes 4 to 22. Conversion table from UK to US sizing.
- Plus-sized dresses, tops, pants, skirts, intimates,sleepwear, jackets,

Ample sizing and good fit. Many unstructured styles for easy fitting.
Really up-to-date, stylish, understated plus-sized tops, skirts, pants, dresses, jackets, and more.
special Have added fun telling your friends you're wearing European clothes.

* No duty fees is important! I ordered some trial clothing from Simply Be, another Euro clothing place and paid almost double the cost of the clothing because the postman made me pay over $40 in duties. I was shocked and wrote the company but never heard back.


shopUlla Popken
- "Shaping women's styles. Ulla Popken features stylish, exclusively designed plus size wear."
- Women's active wear casuals and dresses, skirts, tops, pants, intimate shapewear, loungewear, swimwear
- Some styles with embellishments as noted below.

Plus-sized clothes fit true to running a little roomy based on their size chart
style Basics and colorful alternatives in up-to-date modified styles. Several styles with beads or bangles, textures or patterns.
special Here's where you can find the new shapewear in plus sizes.
I liked many of the traditional styles purchased from Ulla Popkin over time.

Fit guide




shopOld Navy
- Size 16 to 30 new Old Navy online!
- Typically, plus size dresses, casual wear tops, jeans, jackets - even hoodies
    and accessories.

- Many accessories as well

- Online shopping, free returns by mail (080111)

Check the charts. This is a new untried addition to our collection of choices.
Trendy, cute and casual. Youthful delights with lots of styles versatile enough for more mature women.
special Belts to Bandeau Tops, shorts and frilly skirts, bracelets, scarves, purses and socks!

Old Navy size charts
There are different size charts for the category of clothing you seek, so check each one out when shopping here:

Women's Plus Pants & Jeans
Women's Plus Shorts & Skirts
Women's Plus Tops & Outerwear
Women's Plus Swim
Women's Plus Belts
Women's Plus underwear
Women's Plus Bras


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See Page 2 of Size Charts and information Eddie Bauer, Jessica London, Anthony Richards, Spiegels(see changes pending) , LL Bean

See Page 3 of Size Charts and information Silhouettes, Lane Bryant, Land's End, JMS Just My Size and Junonia.

There are more stores and companies selling plus size womens clothing and women's clothes from size 14 and up that I have evaluated my purchases from. There are new full-fashioned women's clothing companies just getting into our market in full swing. I'll add more information and recommendations as I try new sources for full-figured women's clothes for you - and me!



About Being a Plus Size Woman

What we are is what we are, and it is my objective to help you present yourself in the best image possible. If you aren't happy as a plus size woman, or if for health reasons you need to reduce your size, there are organizations, clubs and businesses to help you.

It is believed these plus-size clothing charts from order forms are not copyrighted, but if this is in error, please contact us to remove yours.


Hard-to-find Clothes in larger sizes:

Real Women's Sports Gear
Plus size Maternity Clothes
Pants hemmed to fit



Hot Button Issue
Don't you just hate it when someone tries to sell real women's plus size clothing but they use skinny models to display their clothes? Who are they fooling?
Don't despair, there are some clothiers that show you plus size clothing on plus size models! We'll tell you where to find them.

New Sizing
Several years ago, the fashion industry introduced new sizing. What is new sizing? Practically speaking, for ladies clothes, they just reduced the size they showed and sewed in the clothes. What was a size 14 in the 1960's is now a size 12-or smaller. It seems to me the point was that if we gained a few pounds over the years, we could still wear the "same size" as we did years ago. Who are they fooling? They also lowered the small end of sizes where 4 used to be tiny to me, now there is 0!

Here's the militaries ladies sizing guide. And see this US clothing size standards article that addresses the issue that there really are no standards for clothing sizes. Though Spain seems to be making some headway with standardizing women's clothing sizes.

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