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The struggle between genes and jeans

Since women began wearing jeans - or pants of anykind, fit and appearance issues have been on our minds. It's in our genes if any weight gain goes to our hips or bottom, and we can't do much about that, but we can do something about how our jeans make us look better or worse.

What jeans you choose to buy, and how you choose to put together your outfit for the day make a big difference in how you will look.

Plus size Jeans - rear view tips for pear shaped ladies
Decorative pockets will give me a better look. NOT!
If it looks good from the front, it will look good from the back. NOT!
Tight leggins look jeans will make me look slimmer or shapely. NOT!

Compare the 3 views.

This is a fairly typical view on the street. Unfortunately it is possibly the least flattering and most bottom and thigh accenting look possible in plus size jeans. The Double horizontal lines created by the edge of the shorter shirt plus the decorative pockets widen the rear view bottom and thighs tremendously.

Low-rise jeans (hip huggers) with a top tucked-in will create this same effect.

See comments on the white top on the pants page of this fashion workshop.

This example is for those who tuck-in their tops into their jeans, whether they are tees or shirts. Decorative back patch pockets say, "Hey look at this!" Decorative pockets with horizontal lines or horizontal curls just widen the area. The bigger the pockets are, the more emphasis they put on the area! Is that what you want?


This is exactly the same base drawing for all 3 figures, so you can see and compare the actual results of the jeans choices.

You probably won't like this recommendation, but the best rear-view jeans for this problem is no rear pockets! An alternative is jeans with medium size plain pockets. Small pockets may look like bulls-eyes or emphasize the disproportion to the entire area. Large pockets, as you can see on the left, just don't work.

The rear pocket rule applies for all pants, not just jeans!

Alternatively, wear a shirt or top that covers most of the rear pocket area. But beware of fashion crimes.


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Color note

The white top is used in the pictures only so you can see the rear pockets. It is not intended to be a "look" for you.





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