Plus-size Fashions - Tips on Pants

Plus size fashion workshop:

Pants: Color and cut

can appear to change your shape!

What to do to camouflage or hide your thighs and behind? I've heard it in slang called "junk in the trunk", so here you'll find tips and help on how to minimize that effect in pants or jeans! You also can see what not to do to. There are notes for apple shaped women too. Welcome to our first plus size pants and jeans fashion workshops.

Learn what kind of pants to buy for your shape. Find out what kind of pants are best for plus size woman. See what can make a difference in how you look in pants. Find out what kind of pants plus-sized women should avoid. Learn how plus-size women can dress to flatter their shape.

Did you ever play with paper dolls or with a Barbie doll as a child ? You could change outfits at will. Some you liked, and some you didn't but few of the outfits ever made the doll look bigger, but then again you could probably cover Barbie in cotton balls and she'd still look slim.....but not us! With a little bit of work, and seeing a bit about shape, fit, and color, your pants can look great on you!

Plus size Pants and Jeans for pear-shaped ladies
Throw on a little tee shirt and go. NOT!
Black is always slimming. NOT!
Striped pants are always slimming. NOT!

These tips are for womens pants and jeans. We have a separate workshop on jeans.

Plus size Pants for pears (and notes for apples)

Let's call her our modern day plus size Kleo. She'd like to hide or minimize her hips, thighs and bottom.

Ordinarily, she likes a white or pastel top - either cropped or tucked in, and wears it with black pants. As you can see, the black bottoms "Shout "look at me" and really accentuate the areas she would rather not call attention to- especially from the back view! ! This is caused by severe contrasts in color. This same adverse affect occurs if you wear any pastel or really bright red, yellow - or any other bright top this way - with dark pants.

The new longer tops in gray could be good for cooler wear instead of a black top or tee in summer.

If you are going to do the shorter shirt, or tuck it in, then always choose a medium to dark color top in the same color group as your dark pants - or jeans. First of all, it may be considered slightly slimming, and it does not direct the eye below the waist! It gives you a more balanced appearance.If you don't want to stay in the same color group, for your top, then at least choose a medium to darker color, not a bright or light one.


Tricks and tips to hide your thighs, hips and bottom using tops

Many Kleos' already realize that the baggy hip length tees just make them look big all over when their upper body and waist are not the issue. This year you can find diagonal cut tee shirts or modify a longer tee shirt to flatter you. Get a decorative pin and scrunch up the tee shirt on one side - 2 or 3 inches below your waist and pin it together. The diagonal line it creates brings you eye up from the hip to the waist and visually cuts out some of the body volume. Use anything at hand to bring up one side - a bow over a safety pin if that's all you have!

This tip can help with apple shaped women as well.

Let's talk cover-ups and jackets over pants. An ideal shape for a very problematic proportion is a "Trapeze" jacket. It is sometime also called a "Swing coat" it is shaped like a triangle, with lots of hip room. These are usually made of soft fabrics that "flow", and soften body features. Any soft colors you like will do, just be sure to keep your jacket in medium colors in the same color group as your pants - if not the exact same color. For bottom troubles, all you need is a jacket length to just cover it. If your thighs are a concern, get this style in a length to cover your upper thigh- only half your thigh - it's not necessary to be any longer. If you are a short person, or consider this only a somewhat problem area, a somewhat straighter cut jacket would be fine for you.

For fun get a gaudy chunky rhinestone cuff bracelet.

This style suits our apples and pears.

Why a blazer shouldn't be in your closet: Most blazers are fitted or semi-fitted, which means sewn in to fit more hourglass body contours. Usually they are cut to be proportional top to hip and narrower at the waist. The first problem is to get one to fit your hips, you usually have to buy one where the shoulders are overly large - giving you an unfortunately overall larger look. Second, the popular sewn on pockets in the lower front accent the hips - even though they are in the same color as the rest of the jacket. Third, the shorter style popular today ends just where it shouldn't and draws attention to the widest part of the hips and bottom. We need to get the fashion industry to offer a better shape flattering blazer.

What about striped pants? Stripes can either slim you or widen you. It depends on whether they are tight fitting through the seat and thighs or if they are loose fitting. Loose fitting striped pants will flatter you, where tight fitting striped pants, especially ones with stretch, will exaggerate and broaden the view! A long shirt or jacket over tight fitting bottoms seems to defeat benefits that could have come from well-fitted striped pants.


Jeans: Do you dare to take a rear-view?

Struggle as we might, it is often hard to see ourselves as others see us from behind. Kind friends and family often don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and may give us less objective comments on our fashion selection. See our plus size womens jeans workshop and take a private look at some of the effect on hips and thighs in jeans.

We have a doozy in our Fashion Crimes section!

Special workshop on plus size crop pants, capris, and clam-diggers

See the effects of the shorter, crop pants trend on plus-sized women! See how they look by others and what to do to look your best.


Wondering about women's pants length, or how long is the right length for your jeans?
What are high water pants?
We have a pants length workshop.

Women's Fashion Tricks and solutions

The oldest trick in the book

For apple and pear shaped ladies - Buy your pants a size bigger so they are not tight in the thighs or bottom or for apples, in the waist. It will make you look smaller and people may ask you if you are loosing weight.

Fashion solultion

As of 2010 there are several manufacturers cutting pants wider in the hips and more roomy in the thighs. One of these is the Blakely fit by Eddie Bauer.

Check out other sources, reviews and sizes for clothiers that now offer jeans and pants cut fuller in the hips and thighs for a more comfortable fit.

More pants plus size fashion tips!

Even if you love bright colors, stay away from bright colored pants, unless you have a close color match top or small same-color-print top that covers your thighs and bottom completely.

More body shape workshops and fashion guides are in progress.

. .

Pants: Shape Ease Tip
Clothing cut for an apple, just doesn't work for a pear and vice versa! Both the fit and your appearance are at risk. The newer full elastic or partial elastic waist pants can help with a better fit for apples, pears and bananas! Buy this style pants by your hip size and the elastic will pull-in or stretch to better fit at your middle. Stretch pants without special elastic sections are less adjusting around the middle, but offer more forgiveness in pants seat and thighs. (see about belts on page 2) The best looking and most flattering pants in this group are full back elastic with a flat front- even if you're an apple!

Yoga Pants and Leggins

Many of us plus size women have great shapely legs! Yoga pants and leggins are right for us! Be sure to wear a longer, loose top that covers your hips and bottom. Let the focus be on your great legs.




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