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Plus size fashion workshop:

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This year, high waisted tops are in fashion - and they are perfect for plus sized apple figured women. Here are other plus size tips for tops too.

Plus size Summer tops tips for everyone

Everyone gets hot when the temperatures soar, but great women often find the heat more difficult to bear. Here are great tips for keeping cool in summer heat.

Tight clothes can make you warmer in summer.

Polyester is warmer than pure cotton; polyester can hold in body heat.

A long crocheted top or sweater can be a cool summer cover-up that works well with pants and skirts and is versatile enough to be casual or dressy.

Plus size top tips for everyone

If you've got to tug your top to keep it down over your stomach, hips or thighs, buy a size larger!
(Think of people saying to themselves, "She could have worn a size smaller" as better than, "She really needs a size larger".)

Plus size tee shirt sleeves that break (end) at the elbow look better than sleeves that end an inch or two above the arm bend for large forearms. Its a matter of proportion. If your forearm is not large, but the shirt has longer short sleeves, neatly cuffed (double-folded) not rolled, short sleeves can look nice, especially if you (dare I say it) iron the cuff flat to make it look professionaly finished.

About plus size print tops: big, bright flower prints, tie-die tops of contrasting colors or wild shades of one color will call undue attention to your bust and tummy.

Neckline styles for plus size tops: A vee-neck tee or top, deep/low scoop neck tee or top, polo shirt (collar with 3 or 4 buttons) or even a lower square neck are more flattering than a boat neck (straight across), or oversize crew neck top. The recommended necklines create a vertical line - which, if not slimming, at least does not add weight. Both the boat neck and the oversize crew-neckline tee shirts create a horizontal line across the shoulders, increasing the width and appearance of shoulders and bust.See all about flattering necklines in our fashion guide to tops, tees, sweaters and pullovers.

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Apple Top Workshop

My plus-size figure flaw falls into this category. After experimenting, and understanding about shapes, I can camouflage or reduce the overly round look. I carry all my weight in my stomach - so belts, fitted dresses, and tight-around-the-middle clothes are not found in my closet.

It is better to have fewer clothes that fit you right and make you look good, than a whole closet full of clothes you have outgrown, or have shrunk, or never fit you right in the first place.


What's wrong with this picture? It is an apple-shaped woman not recognizing her own shape. 1. The camisole top may have been long enough, but because it is too small, it rides up behind and 2. it over exaggerates the tummy. 3. This causes a snowball effect by making her bottom look larger. 4. Pocket smiles are not a happy thing. They come from pants that are too tight and the pocket no longer lays flat, exposing the pocket liner which says "my pants are too small". 5. If you have a really large forearm, you could reduce your overall image by covering it up. 6. The extreme color contrast in white top and vivid pants adds to the overall sense of bulk.

If you think just because you are buying trendy styles, you will look fashionable, this example shows that's not always true! You can fix it.




The very first step in improving this plus sized woman's appearance, is to get the top to loosely fit, but not bag, around the middle and hips. The new high-waisted tops, also know as an empire waist tops, nip in under the bust line and flare out over the stomach and hips. The longer, the better. Nice small patterns, and flowing, feminine fabrics are available. You can do more!

If your forearm looks as large as this, or larger, a sleeved shirt or cover-up is recommended. If you want to be cooler in summer, or you are concerned about getting too warm, choose a 100% cotton fabric sweater, tee or shirt.

The next step in flattering the plus-size shape in a camisole, tank top, or sleeveless top is to not only cover the area with a looser fit, (but not baggy), but use a top closer in color to your bottoms. Best to get one to cover your belly and bottom. Sometimes a properly fitting top like this will extend out in front over pants or skirts for plus size women. The straight up and down line of the top (if it fits right) will camouflage your tummy and viewers won't be able to tell if you are just "busty" or hiding more underneath the top!

A vertical stripe shirt can help. A basic trick is NOT to wear it open over a too tight tank, sleeveless shell or camisole (cami)- because it will not cover-up critical areas. If it is hot out, be sure the shirt is made of cotton, not polyester. Try this - just wear the stripe top (over your bra), button it up, and go!

For a trendier shirt look, get a regular, traditional (not fitted) long sleeve cotton shirt rather than one that is built to roll up the sleeves (pictured) , and fold up the sleeves twice.

Here's another plus-size trick - if the shirt does not look long enough to cover your bottom, buy it in a tall size to get the body length you need as you're going to roll up the sleeves anyway!


About necklines for tops

Learn and Compare teeshirt and tops neck designs


About Jeans

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Hot Tips

Avoid front ruffles.

The apple-figured plus size woman was not meant for crop tops.

The apple-figured plus size woman was not meant for spandex camis.





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