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Neckline Guide

Neckline fashion guide for tops, tees, pullovers, and sweaters to flatter your figure.

One part of style as it relates to fashion, is the neckline style of the garment - whether it is a tee shirt, pullover top, sweater or even dress. Especially for plus size women, the shape or cut of the neck opening, including collar or trim can make or break the way you look, even if the rest of the top or dress is great!

Unfortunately, the garment industry offers many variations on some styles, but can't seem to agree at all on others!

Tops for 2010

A few retailers are offering a shirred ballet neckline or shirred scoopneck in tops. It's a style revived, not new, but is really great for bustier women.

Neckline Workshop

Reminiscent of a ballet leotard, the ballet , which is not too low cut, can be very flattering for plus size women. See Scoopnecks too)   The boatneck tee, top or dress is one of the least flattering for plus size ladies. It creates a line emphasizing width of the shoulders, upper chest and bust.
The draped cowl in a few instances, can be flattering for plus size women, if the material is very soft and thin and the cowl drapes flat against the body. If the cowl is heavy, as in a pullover sweater, or stands out from the body, it likely will accent the bustline- and add unwanted pounds. The crew neck is popular in tee shirts, sweatshirts, and suit blouses. It falls just about where the shoulder meets the neck. It may be uncomfortable as it may it bind a large neck - If it is not a soft, stretchy fabric. If you are a short-necked person, it may not work well with double-chins. At times this has been known as a jewel , to show off pendants and other jewelry. (Currently, some garment makers call a scoop a jewel .)
The Henley shirt with some buttons , but no collar, can create a strong line, which is more falttering for plus size ladies. Wear it open a button or two if your neck is larger. The Johnny collar is really a vee with a collar added. This can be a good style for a larger and full bosom. The keyhole, or peek-a-boo neckline may take a bit of daring, depending on how low the hole is. The same rules apply to this as for crew necks. The notch is excellent for almost all plus size womens tops and dresses.
The peasant top, almost off the shoulders, or off the shoulders, creates the line that does not flatter plus size women in general. The gathers add bulk to the bosom and the overall effect is larger than life. The women's polo shirt has a collar and a few buttons. It is a typical golf shirt, and tennis shirt, but has become a popular sporty style top for everyone. It allows for a larger with an open button or two. This style will flatter most plus size women. The scoop probably has the most variation of almost any other style for tops or dresses. There are deep, low, scoop necklines, to much higher ones, ( See also ballet .) A narrow, but lower scoopneck tee or top is called U-shaped . A U- top can blend with a square to be a squared-U. Most scoop s are great for plus size women, except for the ones noted below.
A high square neckline has the same drawbacks as a boatneck top. It has a hard . A low square top is a bit better, but you can find a more flattering ! The sweetheart neckline is in a class by itself. At the lowest part, it resembles the top of a heart. Though it is usually mid to low cut, the unique shape can be flattering.  
The turtleneck does not flatter the double chin or fuller neck. Actually, it can make a double chin appear larger or more pronounced. The doubled layer fabric (foldover) adds weight too! Often the collar in long-sleeved tees and short sleeved tees has some stretchy -or constricting-elasticity, that makes them better for thinner people. The mock turtleneck does not have the double layer of fabric, but the height of the , which does vary, usually does not flatter a double chin or heavier neck.   Once in a while you will find an asymmetrical . It may be considered lop-sided, but as long as the overall effect is as opposed to , it can add interest to your wardrobe.
The vee neck, high or shallow, wide or narrow, is usually flattering to full-figured women.    


Plus size neckline fashion tips

Any neckline that emphasizes a horizontal line ------ may make you look broader in the shoulders, wider across the chest, and possibly larger in your bosom.

Most necklines that emphasize a vertical line | or vee, cuts the width of your body and visually does not add bulk to your body.


Plus size Stereotype exception

For many years, the plus size fashion manufacturers offered what might be called either an oversized crew neck tee, or or shallow scoop (smaller opening than a ballet neck) , or simply an oversized head and neck hole shirt. This was usually quite unattractive, and virtually screamed, "I am a fat lady shirt!" Now, it is true they do not bind at the neck, but ladies, we can do better, and there are many far more attractive plus size tops, tees and pullovers available today.

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