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Women's Plus Size Fashion Crimes:

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Plus Size Women's Fashion Bloopers

There is no fashion jail, though there is a famous fashion blacklist. The tips in and for Great-Women are to help you prevent fashion disasters and fashion bloopers.

"To see ourselves as others see us..." is sometimes the most helpful way to understand how these fashion hints and tips work for you to prevent fashion mistakes.

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Breaking the Fashion Rules

This lady has nice hair, a nice handbag, and nice sandals.Too bad she did not read our section on women's jeans guide that clearly tells you about the negative aspects of 1- jeans with the short white top emphasizing a horizontal line at its hem and 2 - the decorative back pockets that add to the horizontal lines -- both broadening the bottom.

Then we see the crop pants!!! Clearly she would have benefitted from our women's fashion information all about clam diggers, crop pants and capri's - particularly for plus-size women.

The net result of not knowing these fashion tips is a backside image like this at the right -- totally focused on the broad beam! It is almost the opposite of the hourglass figure.

Wear a longer top to cover the back pockets and hips. Tone down the top color to be less of a contrast with the dark denim.

If you need help with color, see both color coordinating hints and suggestions for color tops.

2011 Note:
In an article in the New York times July 17, 2011, Ellen Warren has a full page article "Is the heat melting your fashion sense?" to show us pretty much what I have been saying here for quite some time. Especially about capris and clam diggers! Thanks Ellen!



Batwings? No, buttwings!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it does!

Double cami's are in, but not exposed bra hooks.

Tying your sweater sleeves in front hanging it off your waist is best left to those with less on the bottom - particularly not the pear shaped lady. The wing effect here incredibly increased the appearance of the bottom and upper thighs. This look is not a substitute for a longer top. The loose "wings" created from the flying out cardigan was eye-stopping because it made her look 40 pounds bottom heavier than she was, creating a negative fashion statement for her.



Color Crimes

Color can be just as bad a fashion statement as the wrong style. See the worst color combination of the year and how it could have been fixed.



Don't get caught in high water pants!

Need to know about women's pants length, or how long should your jeans be?

We have a pants length workshop.



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