Guide to crop pants: What not to wear

Plus size fashion workshop:

Plus-sized cropped pants can appear to

change your shape!

Unfortunately, the shorter, cropped pants for plus-sized women can be a fashion
miss-statement! Compare plus-sized crop pants, clam diggers and capri's and see the effect they have on your appearance.

The most popular crop pants are straight legged. Crop pants for plus size women is very likely the one of the two most unfavorable fashions for the plus-sized woman in years. Because they are shorter than full-length pants, they accentuate the area they cover. The eye sees you as wider in the bottom, thighs and calves, where long pants will balance the area into more a rectangle. The shorter you are, the wider you will appear in straight leg crop pants. Leave this fashion to the size 2 to 10 girls. These make you look shorter. Heaven forbid if you do not have shapely ankles as these will give you "tree trunk" lower legs. Plus size crop pants that are narrower in the leg, or made of knit, stretch fabric have a different effect on the way you look to others. These crop pants are frequently called Capris. The eye sees these pants like the triangle above, broadening the seat and upper thighs. They can be ok for a plus-sized Venus.

If you like the shorter length of crop pants for the summer, consider the gaucho pants cut. The wide flowing bottom or hemline of these pants puts the widest view below your calf, drawing the eye in at the bottom and waist - or creating a better visual balance. The trick is to have them fit well, but not too tight at the buttocks. They come in wonderfully soft fabrics, knits and sweatshirt material.


For looking your best in crop pants, pair your gauchos with a similar shade top that comes down to cover about 3/4 of your bottom. You visually create a shape something like a longer, or taller triangle, de-emphasizing your bottom and thighs.

You can even wear a thin belt of the same color as your shirt.


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Hot Button Issue

Woe to you designers
Very few ladies look really good in crop pants. Very tall and slender women have a better chance than anyone. I say woe to the designers who want to foist these off onto everyone. It seems they were hard pressed to come up with a fresh summer fashion idea, but this is just a spin off from the decades ago clam diggers and capris with a new name.

Sometimes they appear to only be "high water pants" which is an old expression to describe pants that are too short - ill fitting.



Wear a skirt! For pear and banana shaped ladies its a much better choice. The broomstick skirts are perfect.

For apples, get elastic waist longer shorts.





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