We women are not all built the same,


should our clothes all be cut the same

Guide to women's plus-size clothing to fit and flatter you

We're here to make you look good.

Great-Women is the place for misses size 14 and up. You can find women's plus sized clothing comparison information, fashion tips and practical fashion basics.

Welcome to our on-line fashion guide and larger women's clothing workshops. See how to dress for your own special shape. See fashion trends vs. plus sized clothing. Find the answers to why some clothes make you look good, and some don't.

To help you look the best you can, before you buy, take a look at the differences in plus size clothing and find your exact fit from a variety of outlets and manufacturers.

Here's your own on-line plus-sized women's fashion consultant with fashion advice and help based on your figure - we are not all alike!. Be sure to check the bottom of this page for our body shape definitions to help you choose the right advice and best styles possible just for you!

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All about plus sized pants especially for apple and pear shaped ladies

This fashion guide and workshop focuses on tips on pants for hiding, camouflaging or improving the appearance of the bottom and thighs. It is for everyone who is concerned about their buttocks and thighs and would like to look the best they can in pants.These tips are also help hide the apple.



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All about plus-size women's jeans

The women's jeans guide and workshop takes a critical look at what what makes you look bigger or wider in jeans, and how to improve that view from behind.



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All about crop pants, clam diggers and capri's

Why the pants that are not pants and are not shorts are not a fashion for plus-sized women!


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All about plus size tops

Get a top fit to flatter your figure and find tips to keep you cool in summer in this plus size top fashion guide. Take an objective look at a poor fitting outfit and learn how to improve it.


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All about necklines

The neckline or neck style of a tee, pullover, sweater or dress can make all the difference in the total effect of your outfit. Check over 20 popular styles with fashion tips.


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Fashion Crimes©

We're giving you fashion tips, guidelines and rules so you won't be guilty of these fashion crimes©!


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Fashion Tips for the Color Confused

For the color-blind, nature may not have been kind to you by depriving you of the full spectrum of colors, and some people just don't understand color contrasts and complements. There are ways you can avoid fashion disasters with these helpful color coordinating hints and examples.


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Plus size Clothing Sources, Reviews and Sizing

shopUla Popken
- Proportioned fit for sizes 12 to 26, check the chart for their measurements
- Women's casual clothes, nightwear, jackets, dresses, foundations, swimwear
sizing One of the most ample sized plus-sized clothes sources .
style When I discovered this plus size source several years ago, Ula led the field in full-figure women's clothing with style - true plus size fashions!
special Their catalog shows more realistic women modeling their clothes


See more Plus size Clothing Sources, Reviews and Sizing charts for comparison

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Quick guide to defining your figure or shape:

The plus size goddesses Venus, Hera, Demeter and Kleo show our figure definitions:
Full hourglass - proportional bust and hips, with a waist 8 to 10 inches smaller than your hips.
Banana - no longer as clearly defined a waistline as the hourglass figure and flatter chest.
Apple - waistline totally gone, and may equal or exceed hip measurement
Pear - Gravity has moved all you weight to your bottom and or thighs
For more information on defining your figure, see Defining the Plus Sized Woman.

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What we are is what we are, and it is my objective to help you present yourself in the best image possible. If you aren't happy as a plus size woman, or if for health reasons you need to reduce your size, there are organizations, clubs and businesses to help you.


It is believed these plus-size clothing charts from order forms are not copyrighted, but if this is in error, please contact us to remove yours.


What shape are you in?
Just between you and me, I know my shape has really changed over time. If you really want to look your best, privately evaluate your own shape issues. Nobody has to know but you! Check out our shape guide and learn how to dress for your body shape.

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